Predict maintenance, demand, and cost of raw materials.

Predictive Maintenance


For companies with a major investment in infrastructure and equipment, the ability to manage that capital outlay is critical. By analyzing metrics and data related to the lifecycle maintenance of technical equipment, companies can predict both timelines for probable maintenance events and upcoming capital expenditure requirements, allowing them to streamline their maintenance costs and avoid critical downtime.

Demand Forecasting


With the volatility of product demand throughout the year, it can be costly to have oversupply or lead to lost revenue with undersupply. With Myriad, manufacturers can input their historical production and sales data to predict future demand, leading to a precise understanding of how much supply to produce.


Predict Raw Material Costs


With raw materials being the largest cost for most manufacturing, their fluctuation in price greatly impacts the bottom line. With Myriad, we can import raw material pricing, adjust for seasonality, and predict prices into the future giving you the best time to buy. This will allow for greater profit.