Human Resources

Determine employee fit, predict staffing levels, and much more.

Predict Employee Turnover


Hiring new employees can be a high cost to companies depending on their employee turnover rate and the expertise needed for a position. With Myriad, companies can predict which employees are likely to leave the company and use this information to offer incentives to stay before it’s too late. This will help keep employees happy while saving the company money.

Predict Staffing Levels


Companies that operate without fixed schedules of demand, such as retail stores and restaurants, must vary their staffing levels to account for fluctuations in customer flow. This can lead to overstaffing resulting in a waste of resources as well as understaffing which results in longer waiting times and typically lower customer experience. With Myriad, we can accurately predict the inflow of customers to allow for proper staffing levels.


Employee Fit


For recruitment, HR can use predictive analytics to predict the profile of an employee who would be the best fit for the organization. Additionally, a combination of data on engagement, growth, success, and skill set can help recruiters predict the performance of an employee in the future. This translates into improved business outcomes by allowing recruiters to find specific candidates faster for a role, saving them the trouble of going through hundreds of resumes to fill one role.