Predict readmissions, forecast no-shows, and determine patient utilization.

Predict Readmissions


Readmissions lead to significant price increases to both the hospital and patient in addition to likely leading to lower quality care. With Myriad, we can predict whether a patient is likely to readmit or not, leading to saved money and resources as well as improving quality of care. 

Risk Scoring for 

Chronic Diseases


The earlier you catch the beginnings of a chronic disease the better. By using historical anonymized patient data, Myriad can predict the chance that a new patient alment will develop into a chronic disease. This can lead to increased quality of care while saving money, resources, and time.


Forecasting No-Shows

Unexpected gaps in the daily calendar for any healthcare organization can have financial ramifications. Using Myriad, to identify patients likely to skip an appointment without advanced notice, can improve provider satisfaction, cut down on revenue losses, and give organizations the opportunity to offer open slots to other patients, thereby increasing speedy access to care.

Predicting Patient Utilization


Care sites that operate without fixed schedules, such as emergency departments and urgent care centers, must vary their staffing levels to account for fluctuations in patient flow. This can lead to overstaffing resulting in a waste of resources as well as understaffing which results in longer waiting times and typically lower quality of care. With Myriad, we can accurately predict the inflow of patients to allow for proper staffing levels.