Predict defaults, manage liquidity, detect fraud, and more.

Predict Chance of Default

Myriad can assist you in predicting the chance of default for new loan requests. By using your historical data on how previous borrowers repaid, we can predict how likely someone is to default and when. This will help with pricing risk, improving liquidity and increasing revenue.

Liquidity Management

Myriad can predict prepayment speeds and delinquency rates on your current loans by using your historical data of repayment speeds. This allows you to optimize the amount of cash needed at any given period of time which allows for higher return on excess cash.

Fraud Detection

Fraud is becoming an area of big concern for banking due to the rise of cyber criminals. With Myriad, banks can predict whether or not an application, payment, or transfer is fraudulent or not, allowing the bank to save money and offer a better product.


Efficient cross-selling of products can be highly profitable for banks. By analyzing the existing customer behavior at places where multiple products are offered, Myriad can recommend which specific products are to be sold to whom hence predicting the outcome is what successful cross-sellers do.